Walking Netball comes to CNC!

Walking Netball comes to CNC!
06 Oct

We are beyond excited that we are expanding our members base through offering Walking Netball. This is a version of netball that is very similar to the game you see on TV, but with a few rule adaptations to help cater for all ages, abilities and for anyone who has been injured.

When? Tuesdays, 10-11am

Where? University of Chichester, PO19 6PE

The sessions will be focused on fun, fitness and enjoyment. Each session will involve a warm up, some ball skill drills and then a lot of match play.

Rule changes:

  • No jumping
  • You can take 3 steps with the ball
  • You can hold the ball for up to 4 second

Other than that, the rules are the same. 7 players, 7 positions with set playing areas. Score through shooting in the net and a size 5 ball.

We are excited and hope to start a new fun, community fitness group in Chichester.

Please email me on ccawte1@googlemail.com if you would like to come along to our free session on Tuesday 11th October.