Chichester Netball Club are thrilled to be apart of The Little Hoot in aid of Chestnut Tree House, a local Hospice who do incredible work for children and young people with life-limiting and terminal illnesses.

Back in September 2024, CNC sponsored an owl through raising money at various events. We hosted an adult netball tournament and asked for donations with members termly training fees. We are thrilled to say we have covered the amount we needed for the owl….and much more! We then received our owl in February 2024 ready to decorate. In April/May, we spent time coming up with the design and many of our members helped to decorate it.

In July/August, our owl will be on display in Chichester as part of The Little Hoot and The Big Hoot trails. Make sure you get yourself to Chichester and walk around the beautiful city of Chichester to see all of the amazing owls on display.

None of this would have been possible without the donations, help, support and encouragement from all 298 of our members (and painters). Their names are all listed below (alphabetical order):

Abi T
Ada M
Aggie R
Ailsa F
Alana C
Ali B
Alice C
Alyce T
Amara S
Amelia D
Amelia G
Amelie B
Amelie C
Amelie E
Amelie M
Amelie P
Amelie S
Ammie K
Amy B
Amy F
Amy H
Anna S
Annabel C
Annabelle H
Annabelle R
Anu S
Anya D
Anya H
April W
Arabella B
Arabella S
Arabella T
Autumn C
Ava F
Ava T
Barbara P
Beatrice G
Beatrice W
Bella D-V
Bella N
Bella T
Bella V-S
Bella W
Beth M
Bethany F
Betty B
Bex L
Bianca R
Bonnie C
Bonnie H
Cara C
Cecily I
Charlotte B
Charlotte F
Charlotte H
Charlotte R
Christie K
Claire C
Claire N
Clara M
Clare B
Clem C
Clemmie C
Coco B
Connie P
Coralie A-B
Cressida T
Daisy C
Daisy W
Dan K
Darcey G d’A
Darcey K
Darcey A
Debbie H
Di M
Elaine D
Eleanor C
Eleanor M
Eliza J
Eliza M
Eliza W
Ella C
Ella H
Ella K
Ella N
Ella Q
Elle J
Ellen S

Ellie M

Ellie W

Elodie P

Elsie B

Elsie K

Elsie W

Emilia D

Emma D

Emma M

Emma W

Emmy G

Emmy P

Eryn J

Esme F

Esme S

Eva C

Eva W

Evangeline A

Evvie T

Felicity F

Finty B

Fiona M

Florence H

Florence S

Florence T

Folake A

Freya C

Freya W

Freyja G

Georgie B

Georgie J

Georgie N

Grace B

Grace D

Grace F

Grace H

Grace W

Grace Y

Hallie T

Hana B

Hania N

Hanna J

Hannah C

Hannah P

Harriet W

Harry C

Hattie M

Helen W

Hettie T

Holly T

Holly W

Honor M

Imogen G d’A

Imogen P

India C

Isabelle E 

Isla B

Isobel B

Ivy R

Izabela T

Izzy F

Jade A

Jade W

James C

Jasmine B

Jasmine T

Jessica B

Judith B

Juliette d P

Juliette S

Juno R


Kate P

Katie C

Katie M

Katinka D

Kinvara B

Kira R

Kirsten B

Kitty E

Laila B

Lara A

Lauren B

Layla-Rose M

Leila-Rose H

Lexi M

Lilah D

Lily C

Lily M

Lily R

Linzi C

Lizzie W

Lola C-B

Lola M

Lola S

Londeka G
Lottie F
Lottie G
Lou M
Louisa C
Lucia M
Lucy A
Lucy G
Lucy N
Lucy P
Macie S
Maddie H
Madeleine Y
Maeve L
Maggie M
Malaika T
Martha D L
Martha M
Mary G S
Mary P
Matilda P
Matilda W
Mattie E
Maya M
Meela N
Megan E
Mia L
Michelle C
Mila N
Millie C
Millie P
Molly B
Molly F
Molly G
Molly S
Morwenna C
Nahikari J
Nelly G
Olive S
Olivia F
Orla W
Paloma A-D
Penny C
Philippa M
Phoebe C
Phoebe S
Poppy D
Primrose P
Reina A
Rosa I
Rose M
Rosie F
Rosie G
Rosie M
Rosie S
Roxy P
Ruby D
Safi T
Safia P
Sarah K
Saskia C-H
Scarlet M
Shiomara O
Sienna F
Sienna F
Sienna J
Sienna M
Simran B
Sky C
Sophia G
Sophie C
Sophie H
Sophie L
Sophie M
Sophie S
Sophie T
Sophie W
Steph H
Summer P
Sunny W
Tabitha G
Tali P
Tallulah M
Tiana B-P
Tiggy S
Tilly C
Tilly M
Tilly P
Ursula C
Valentina R
Viniana N
Violet C
Willow H
Willow L
Xanthe J
Zoe S