New Sessions for September 2022!

New Sessions for September 2022!
08 Aug

CNC is growing! In September, we will be adding two new sessions to our weekly training.

The first session is Bee Netball sessions for players in school years reception to year 2. This will be our first time offering training to children this young and we CANNOT WAIT! Children are never too young to learn and the sessions, planned by England Netball, are exciting, fun and inclusive for all.

Our second session is Walking Netball. This session will run in the day during the week, but the final day and time is yet to be decided (we are just waiting to hear from the venue). This session is aimed at those who do not feel they want or are able to take part in our adult training session, but still want to play a slower paced version of netball. The focus will be on fun, being active but also on being social. After each session we will go for coffee and chat, making it a fantastic session for anyone who has been injured, is older or wants to give netball a go! Open to all ages!

If you would like to sign your daughter/yourself up to one of these sessions, please email for more information and to be put on the mailing list.

We cannot wait to welcome you to CNC!