On this page are the terms and conditions, plus additional information you need to be aware of whilst you/your daughter is a member of Chichester Netball Club.

By signing up to Chichester Netball Club, as a player or parent of a player, you are accepting these terms and conditions. Chichester Netball Club can be contacted at any time regarding these terms and conditions via email at ccawte1@googlemail.com

1. Chichester Netball Club Memberships

  • Chichester Netball Club do not sell individual sessions and require full term sign up before the beginning of each term (Autumn, Spring and Summer). Dates typically align with local council term times.
  • Should payment not be received before the beginning of training starts, you will have 2 weeks to complete payment before an additional £5 administration charge is added.
  • Chichester Netball Club do not offer refunds if you/your child miss a session due to other commitments/illness/injury.
  • Should you/your child become absent from sessions due to medium/long term injury, please contact Claire via email to discuss; ccawte1@googlemail.com.
  • Should Chichester Netball Club terminate a player’s membership solely due to a breach of the code of conduct this would subsequently disqualify them from attending future sessions and no refunds will be offered.

2. Class Cancellation and Adverse Weather Policy

  • The safety of our members takes priority, therefore, if a session is cancelled due to the session not being able to take place outside or the travelling conditions deemed unsafe, players and their parents will be informed through email and Spond by 3pm that day.
  • If a session is cancelled, parents will be credited for that session against the next terms training fees.
  • Sometimes, a call may need to be made last minute if the coach arrives to the venue and although the forecast was OK, the courts may be deemed to be unsafe or the forecast is worse than forecast. On this occurrence, parents will be informed straight away through Spond and email and asked to come and collect their children. These sessions will also be credited.
  • Where possible, players will be offered a rearranged session or different session.
  • Chichester Netball Club reserves the right to cancel or rearrange sessions affected by sever/extreme weather at our discretion. This will always be done with the player’s safety as priority.

3. Photographs and video

  • Chichester Netball Club often use social media channels to promote the club and it’s achievements, which can be found at, Facebook – Chichester Netball Club; Instagram – @chichesternetball; Tiktok – @chichesternc.
  • On the registration form, players and parents will have the option to consent to photographs being taken and used on the Chichester Netball Club social media.
  • Images posted will adhere to England Netball Safeguarding guidelines and will be anonymised, never idtentifying children by their first and second name.
  • Chichester Netball Club will only accept positive use of social media pages. These pages are not to be used for grievances or complaint procedures.
  • Chichester Netball Club reserves the right to remove any derogatory comments aimed at Chichester Netball Club, its partners, customers or children participating in the Club.
  • Chichester Netball Club’s social media pages are focused purely on the celebration of netball, our club’s achievements and youth netball.

4. Complaints Procedure

  • You can request a copy of our full complaints procedure by emailing ccawte1@googlemail.com
  • Chichester Netball Club reserves the right to discontinue memberships without a notice period where we feel communication from members or their parents has been, in our opinion, aggressive, insulting, publicly damaging and/or abusive to the Club’s coaches, members or partner agencies.
  • Chichester Netball Club are an open Club and our coaches and assistant coaches are always open to discussion, whether this be in person or via email. We will aim to resolve any issues quickly and to your satisfaction as quickly as we can. However, if a resolution can not be achieved, Chichester Netball Club will get England Netball involved to help further.

5. Kit

  • Chichester Netball Club has a variety of Club Kit for member’s to purchase. This includes training tops, leggings, jumpers, socks and playing dresses.
  • The kit is not compulsory, but we do feel it gives the members an ownership to the club and a sense of belonging.
  • All girls who represent Chichester Netball Club at County or League level, must have a playing dress.
  • No members are to attend training in their school PE kit/uniform. We ask that members who do not have CNC kit, wear neutral clothing. This must be safe to play netball in.
  • Members must wear shoes suitable for netball, with safe grips and no platforms. Fashion trainers are not acceptable and members wearing these will not be allowed to take part.
  • All members must remove all jewellery during matches and training, as per the England Netball guidelines. Earrings can be taped during training, but not matches. Coaches will ask members to remove jewellery and if a member refuses, they will not be able to take part and parents will be contacted. If this occurs more than twice, the member may be asked to leave the Club.

6. Representing Chichester Netball Club / Code of Conduct

As a member of the Club, I fully understand and agree to the following conditions:

  • Chichester Netball Club’s focus is Fun for All, alongside improving ability, gaining potential and being the best netball player they can be.
  • Follow the rules, regulations and requirements of the sport at all times whether actively participating or not.
  • During training sessions, respect the coaches and your fellow members by arriving ready to go, removing all jewellery and listening when asked to listen. If you are unable to follow instructions quickly or often disrupt the session, you may be subject to disciplinary action and may be asked to leave the club.
  • All our players at County and League level are expected to appreciate and accept that you are a member of the squad and that you might not start every game, or play every game in the position you want. What is best for the team comes before all else! Our coaches will always do what we can to help you progress as an individual, but sometimes the needs of the team have to be put first.
  • Respect yourself, your teammates, your coach/manager and your parents. Be polite and respectful to any adult (including spectators) or official. CNC will not tolerate negative, offensive or abusive comments to your teammates/coaches/umpires or any member of the public. In such cases you may be subject to disciplinary action and may be asked to leave the club.
  • Treat your opponents how you would like to be treated. Respect and understand that without them you have no game.
  • Never argue with an umpire. If you have a question, ask your captain to approach the umpire at half time or after the game in a calm and courteous manner to get clarification.
  • At the end of the game Chichester Netball Club expect players to give handshakes and three cheers. This is a sign of respect. The captain must then thank the umpires.
  • Promote Chichester Netball Club in a positive light at all times and always take responsibility when representing the club.
  • Respect and show positivity for CNC on Social Media. Please note any player found making negative
    comments about Chichester Netball Club and any of its players, coaches or volunteers on any social media platform may be subject to disciplinary action and may be asked to leave the club.
  • Wear the Chichester Netball Club kit with pride and show we are a a friendly, happy club.
  • (Please see England Netball Code of Conducts for Players and Parents at the bottom of this page)

7. Parents

As parents, you are asked to support our Codes of Conduct and embrace the spirit of our game.
As a parent/carer, I will:

  • Encourage my child to play within the rules and respect officials’ and coaches’ decisions.
  • Support my child’s efforts and performance, give positive comments that motivate and encourage
    continued effort and learning.
  • Understand that competition is about winning and losing, so results are always accepted without undue disappointment.
  • Be a positive role model to my child by helping them work towards skill improvement and good
  • Remember that children learn best by example; I will applaud good play by both my child’s team and their opponents.
  • Thank the coaches, officials and other volunteers who give their time for my child and not interfere with their decisions.
  • Help when asked by a coach or official.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the game, regardless of gender, marital status, race, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion or political opinion.
  • Read the rules of the sport to understand better what I am watching and discussing with my child.
  • Promote this code of conduct to other parents, carers and supporters.
  • Be aware of my child’s club safeguarding policy and ensure that any concerns are reported to the club’s safeguarding officer or England Netball’s Lead Safeguarding Officer.

As a parent, I will not:

  • Pressure my child in any way; I know that this is their sport not mine.
  • Use inappropriate language, harass athletes, coaches, officials or other spectators.
  • Criticise or ridicule my child or any other player for making a mistake or losing after the game.
  • Force my child if they are unwilling to participate in the sport.
  • Arrive at a netball activity under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • (Please see England Netball Code of Conducts for Players and Parents at the bottom of this page)

8. Emergency Procedure

In the event of a medical emergency;

  • Stay calm but act promptly and observe the situation. Is there any danger or further injuries?
  • Listen to the person who is injured.
  • Alert the first aider on site, who should assess the situation and take appropriate action for minor injuries.
  • If the injury is more serious, the emergency services should be called.
  • Deal with the rest of the group and ensure they are safe and supervised.
  • Do not move the person injured, if it is a major incident. Wait for the emergency services.
  • Contact the injured person’s parent/guardian.
  • Complete an incident/accident report form.
  • All CNC Level 2 coaches have First Aid qualifications and will be the first person to respond to an injury.

9. Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of the Level 2 coach leading the session to ensure the following:

  • Equipment is fit for purpose and safe to use. New equipment will be ordered when required.
  • The facilities are safe and a risk assessment has been performed. This includes checking the courts, surrounding areas and posts are safe. Any water should be fully cleaned up and debris removed.
  • If the weather is poor, decisions as to whether to run the session will be made by the Level 2 coach.
  • Chichester Netball Club will always run under the England Netball coach:player safe ratios.

10. Safeguarding

Chichester Netball Club has over 200 junior members (U18) and some vulnerable adults within the Club. We take Safeguarding very seriously and will do all we can to keep our coaches, members and parents safe. We follow the England Netball Safeguarding Policies (please see to the right).

The Safeguarding Lead for Chichester Netball Club is Claire Cobden. Please email Claire with any concerns via ccawte1@googlemail.com, or call her on 07878698877 if serious. If they are about the Safeguarding Lead, please contact England Netball on 01505277850 (option 6) or email besafe@englandnetball.co.uk

11. Other

Chichester Netball Club was created to ensure as many players as possible get the chance to play the sport we love in a safe and happy environment. Although these Ts & Cs may seem daunting, they are there for the ‘what ifs’ and to keep everyone safe.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact Chichester Netball Club via ccawte1@googlemail.com

Below are some England Netball Policies