CNC compete in their first fixtures since Lockdown (1!)

CNC compete in their first fixtures since Lockdown (1!)
09 Nov
Three cheers…

Over the last 3 weeks, CNC have been able to get 5 of their teams out onto court, playing against other local clubs.

Our U11s, U12/U13s, U14/U15s and U16s x 2 have all been able to dust off their CNC dresses and hit the courts to play in some friendly, but competitive matches.

Our U11s played Jellies NC and had a good match. Both teams tried hard and CNC scored some great goals, but sadly lost by 3.

Our U12/U13s played Jellies NC U13 team and had a good, fast paced game. Jellies were too strong in the end but CNC played some nice passages of play, adopted what we had learnt in training and improved with every quarter.

Our U16s took on Jellies NC. The game was fast paced and the rain started to fall, but sadly Jellies were just too experienced. Our U16s were not on their usual exceptional form and allowed Jellies to run away with the match.

We then played Swan NC, Our U14/U15s (with 1 U13) played Swan NC in an enthralling end to end game. We were up by 2 at half time, but an injury to our GS sadly cost us the win by 1 goal.

Our U16s then took on Swan in another excellent game. The girls improved dramatically from 4 days previous and showcased their talents, sadly we could just not take the win.

As a coach, it was so nice to see the girls back on the courts, playing against other clubs and enjoying themselves. It has been so long since they have all played and I know the progress will come quickly, the more we play. Sadly, lockdown 2 has halted our forward momentum but with plenty more fixtures booked in late this year and into 2021, there is still plenty to look forward to.

Keep up the great work girls, it is paying off and I cannot wait to showcase this in forthcoming fixtures.